Got old Jewelry?

Remake that jewelry you don’t wear anymore into your NEW favorite custom piece!

Remaking it Gets You:

*Customized Jewelry created just for you & Your STYLE.

*A piece that keeps the Sentiment in your life every day.

*New Jewelry at a FRACTION of a retail price.


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Why Remake Jewelry?

When you Remake your old Jewelry, you can actually get an amazing and more meaningful high end piece of jewelry without breaking the bank!


Because we use your diamonds or gemstones (which would be worth nothing if you go to sell). And, we deduct the scrap metal from the final cost.

 So not only are you paying below retail prices, but you get money back for the gold and platinum that is left over.  That means you save 50-75% of what you would buy the same piece at a retail store.

 Talk about savings…WOW!  So, how do you start? 

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When to Remake Jewelry?

Well, you know that I am going to say… Anytime, right?


The Best Times are:

  • To celebrate you or a personal milestone with a piece you have always wanted.

  • To make something for a loved one as a special gift for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, graduation, etc.

  • If you are getting married and want to create a personalized engagement ring and/or matching wedding band

It is Important to Keep in mind:

  • That If you want to wear your new piece or give a custom piece for a special occasion, you need to plan ahead.

  • The custom jewelry experience usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece.

  • Remember quality and perfection takes time.

My goal is to make you or your recipient the happiest you’ve ever been with an experience and jewelry piece that lasts a lifetime!

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Getting Engaged?

Remake old or inherited pieces into a NEW custom designed engagement ring.

Watch how Leniece turned her old rings into a Stunning Fresh Start!

Inherited jewelry that isn’t your Style?

Remake it into your new favorite piece.

Keep the memories of mom with the style YOU want!   Watch how.

Got old style Jewelry you haven’t worn in decades?

Remake it into the Style you want NOW!

She loved this ring so much, we made 3 different versions!  Watch the handmade process.

How Does It Work?

Gather all your old, broken, out-dated Jewelry that you’ll Never wear

Get started with a Zoom Chat

We begin every design with a discussion of your goals, budget, and time-frame, and the best part is, you can do the entire process online.

Whether you share a Pinterest idea board, already know what you want, or customize a design from our site, you will be designing with experienced, artistic professionals.

By designing and manufacturing everything locally, we ensure extraordinary craftsmanship, unique, nuanced designs and great value.

CAD modeling

Realistic renderings and physical models help transform sketched ideas into reality in an interplay between the client, the designer and the CAD team, all of whose input and ideas help create something that both looks right and fits perfectly.

The entire Remake it project team collaborates on each piece, adding nuanced details and subtle improvements to the design, all while making sure that design cohesiveness, quality, and stone security are perfected.

Wax Carving & Model Making

If the piece is to be cast, and most are, we then create a wax or Resin master model. We have our own 3-D printers and growers as well as hand wax carvers onsite, to create the perfect blend of artistry and detailed perfection.


Once the design has been approved, the model is now set for casting. Our caster’s facility is state of the art, with world class equipment and a custom casters’ attention to detail.

Our platinum and gold casting equipment, some of the finest machines made, allows us to cast each piece perfectly for the best quality control & cost efficiency.

Gemstone Setting

We always hand set each gemstone, detailing all areas to perfection. Our expert diamond setter has over 40 years experience and knows how to make your gemstones really shine.  

Texture, Finishes and Detailing

The final stage of the production process includes adding textures & finishes. We double and triple check all details of the design to ensure all instructions have been meticulously followed, the design is well executed and all craftsmanship is top notch.

Wear & Enjoy!

Get your NEW jewelry in the style you want to LOVE, wear and enjoy.  It will instantly be your new favorite piece since it is customized just for you. In addition, you will receive your complimentary expert insurance appraisal to keep your new valuable piece safe and secure.  

Time Line

Most projects take about 4-6 weeks total; commonly 1-3 weeks in the Design, Cad and Wax stages, and 2-3 weeks from final design approval. Design time varies, but give yourself enough time to enjoy the process, we are confident you’ll enjoy it!

Pricing, Estimates & Payments

Verbal estimates are approximations only; all firm estimates will be given in writing and are valid for 30 days

  • For Remake it Projects that use your gemstones, prices will vary depending on how complex the remake is.
  • Estimates on Remake it projects include the deduction of any of your scrap metal left over.
  • For Custom Design projects, All pricing will have center & major side stones priced out separately. Small diamond melee (under .10 ct.) is generally included in all pricing.
  • We require a 50% deposit on custom work and full payment on major gemstones before starting work.
  • We accept Venmo, PayPal and Personal Checks.
  • If need be, financing options are available.  
  • We currently collect sales tax for orders delivered in our home state only; sales tax is subject to change and is based on delivery address.

Complimentary Services

  • Working one on one with our expert Designer and Design sketch options.
  • Any slight changes within the CAD stage.  You are the boss and we want you to have a piece that is exactly what you dreamed of.
  • Every Remake it and Custom Design Project comes with an Expert Appraisal to protect your new piece.


Featured Story: Marie Elizabeth

“Wow! I NEED you!” she said.

You too can have the same experience as Marie-Elizabeth.

Marie-Elizabeth is a very accomplished entrepreneur as a relationship coach.  She knows the value of family, the meaning of supporting each other, and creating memorable experiences.

She, herself is divorced, but has taken that strength and that life experience to help others in their pursuit for their happily ever after.

As a businesswoman, Marie-Elizabeth is always looking to grow, improve herself and look great doing it.

She met our expert, Jennifer by chance at a women’s networking group in Long Island, N.Y.  Since she lived in Brooklyn, this was a little far to travel, but was lucky for both of them.

It was a small group that day, just 4 of women at a cozy Italian restaurant.  Since the group was so small, they all took the opportunity to get to know one another.

Marie-Elizabeth went first in her introductions.  At that time, she was planning to do a couples retreat for her clients at a tropical destination.  She loves to travel and felt that an escape away will help couples create a loving and memorable experience.

Next, Jennifer introduced herself as a GIA gemologist, custom designer and appraiser who has a high-end custom jewelry business remaking jewelry from your old pieces into a new piece you will love and cherish.

As Jennifer was talking, she saw Marie-Elizabeth’s eyes open wide.  She burst out saying “I need you!  This is amazing.  I have all this jewelry from my divorce and some from my mother that is sitting in a shoe box in the back if my closet.  I never knew what I should do with them….We need to talk!”

Marie-Elizabeth and Jennifer scheduled a date right in the parking lot before they departed the meeting.

When the day came, Jennifer went to Marie-Elizabeth’s apartment in Brooklyn where she lived with her male partner for a few years now.

Marie-Elizabeth had the box of jewelry that she hasn’t worn in years and some she never wore since it really wasn’t her style.

Jennifer and Marie-Elizabeth talked about her jewelry style and what she preferred to have made  In her case it was rings and necklaces.

Jennifer went through each piece, drew up some quick sketches just to make sure they were on the same page with style.

Marie-Elizabeth loved simple but bold.  She does a lot of speaking events and wants her jewelry to be comfortable to wear and really make a statement.

Jennifer measured Marie-Elizabeth’s ring sizes for the different fingers she wanted to adorn with her new rings, she took pictures of the pieces that was going to be remade as a receipt of the jewelry she was taking with her.

Marie-Elizabeth was so excited to start this process of remaking this jewelry that wasn’t her style and was sitting in that dark box for so many years.

She couldn’t wait to see the metamorphosis and wear the new pieces.

Within a week, Jennifer emailed her the possible design renderings to choose from.  Marie-Elizabeth wanted four unique rings and a necklace.  Two of the rings required a CAD rendering to approve and cast from and the others were being hand created.

After the designs, CAD and costs were all approved, Jennifer told her to sit back, relax and everything will be done in a few weeks.

The day came for Jennifer to travel to Marie-Elizabeth’s apartment to deliver her remade jewelry and complimentary appraisals.

Marie-Elizabeth was so excited to open each piece. She was overjoyed with the results and tried each one on immediately.  They were all a perfect fit and as she looked at herself in the mirror she said “I am so grateful to have pieces to wear now, that I love!”

Jennifer also gave her the appraisals for the new pieces so that she can insure them as well as any left over diamonds.

She said “What should I do with these left-over diamonds?”

Jennifer asked if there were other types of pieces she would want to add to her collection.

She replied “I don’t want these diamonds to go to waste since they were from my mother’s pendant.  There is a ring design that I always wanted, do you think you can make that for me?”

“Of Course!” Jennifer said.

With this special ring, the jewelry team hand carved a wax for her to try on to make sure it was the length and thickness she wanted. Jennifer also designed a dangle necklace with some of the other left-over diamonds.

She loved both designs and in a few weeks was again excited to receive her new pieces.

When Marie-Elizabeth received this new ring, she stated that it was her favorite of the five rings we had made for her!

A few days later, Marie-Elizabeth emailed Jennifer that she had lunch with her friend who saw her NEW jewelry. Her friend had been through a divorce and needed help with remaking the jewelry from her unsuccessful marriage. Of course, Jennifer was happy to help.

Jennifer and Marie-Elizabeth have kept in contact since their first meeting.  And when the unfortunate demise of Marie-Elizabeth’s mother occurred, she face-timed Jennifer to now remake all the jewelry that her mother had left her.

All in all, Marie-Elizabeth had 17 pieces created from her old jewelry that she wears daily, at functions, and her TedX talks.

Marie-Elizabeth said it was so easy and comfortable to talk to Jennifer.  The designs, quality and service were like none other.  And she is so happy to have these pieces to remember her mother in a style that she loves.


*Now Accepting Zoom Appointments*

We’re so excited to talk about your special project!

Simply schedule an appointment or call/ text us at 516-387-5187

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*Now Accepting Zoom Appointments*

We’re so excited to talk about your special project!

Simply schedule an appointment or call/ text us at 516-387-5187